Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tag: Monica Wants

Hey Beauties!

I seen this tag on Deanne's blog , and she added her own little bit, making it a two-parter. I thought it was pretty neat and, well frankly, I'm a bit bored and should be in bed, but I will write another fun post first!
So this one, you simply type your name and "wants" in Google search and hit enter (ie, "Monica wants"). And the first 5 finds that make sense, post 'em. Then, Deanne decided to share with us what 5 things (or more!) she actually wants. So here we go:

Google tells me:

1. Monica wants it.
2. Monica wants you to check her out.
3. Monica wants a job.
4. Monica wants Moore.
5. What Monica wants, Monica gets.

Not bad. I especially like #5. Now, allow me tell you what I really want:

1. I want to go to Bangor mall sometime soon and go shopping at Charlotte Russe.
           a) love this graphic T , it suits me well
           b) such a cute dress , I hope the store has it!
           c) super chic and affordable footwear

2. My Chanel handbag  (knockoff of course) to go with the matching - knockoff - wallet I already have

3. The beautiful, beautiful Chanel J12 (knockoff). Knockoff is starting to sound like a bad, dirty word. Oh well! I've been looking everywhere for a dupe or replica of this watch. I am in love with it, but there is no way I'm paying for the real deal. No way. I may shell out $200 for this on though. Look how beautiful it is : )

4. And finally, this delicious smelling fragrance by Givenchy.

And lastly, I tag YOU to do this tag. Anyone who is interested, go ahead and have fun with it. Feel free to comment on this post if you do it, I would love to read it.

Nighty night,

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