Saturday, September 19, 2009

A MAC Cosmetics Haul

Okay, I think this will be it for purchases with MAC for a while.

Mmm... Yeah right!

But I have to try! This haul is a decent size, I do like everything I got, I have some different shades to play around with, and so it's a good fix for now.

I forgot to take pictures of my pigment and paint pot jars - I only took pictures of the swatches - so I just pulled some general pictures from the website.

First we have the only lip product in this haul (the rest are for eyes). I'm really a nude kind of girl. So I picked this shade as it's a very nude color. The website describes it as a light neutral peach pink. And it's indeed a very light shade. It almost looks a bit white-ish on the lips. But it's not white, it's just a very, very light peachy pink. The swatch doesn't really do it justice, and because it's so light, it wouldn't show up well on my hand, you can see some sheen.

Next, we have a pigment from the Make-up Art Cosmetics Fall '09 as Seen by Marilyn Minter collection. This my first full size pigment. I have purchased some sample pigments online. I find the jars so big, containing a lot of product, that they would seriously last you a lifetime. But I thought it was a beautiful all-year round color. MAC describes it as a dirty gold bronze with gold pearl and it's exactly that. (Scroll below for swatches).

Photo Source: MAC Cosmetics

I also got another paint pot in the shade Constructivist. I love this color. MAC describes it as a metallic dark brown with subtle red pearl. (Scroll below for swatches).

Photo Source: MAC Cosmetics

Swatches of both the paint pot (left) and the pigment (right).

And finally, 9 eye shadows. These are everyday colors. I don't mind investing in a high-end eye shadow that I know I'll use all the time. Colors such as a bright oranges I may not use often and therefore, I'd opt for an inexpensive dupe in that case. I was able to fill up this palette, but I only purchased 9 of the ones shown below, not all 15. I took shots of swatches on the eye shadows I just received.

However, in case you're wondering what's what in the palette above, I will list the names for you. Starting from the top of each row and going down: Espresso, Mulch, Bronze. Naked Lunch, Hush, Rice Paper, Carbon, Nehru, Plumage, Vex, Humid, Sumptuos Olive, Goregous Gold, Shroom, and Electra.

Here are some swatches of the shadows I bought this time around:

First Row
Espresso - Muted golden brown (Matte) 
Mulch - Intense golden reddish brown flecked with golden bronze shimmer (Velvet)
Bronze -  Golden brown with golden bronze shimmer (Frost)
Second Row
Naked Lunch - Minimal pink with shimmer (frost)
Hush - Soft peach duochrome* with pink opalescent shimmer (Frost)
Rice Paper - Soft peachy gold with shimmer (Frost)
Third Row
Humid - Intense vivid green with shimmer (Frost)
Goregous Gold - Low-light yellow gold (Veluxe Pearl)
Carbon - Intense black (Matte)

And that's all for now, ladies & gents! Hopefully I'll get around to doing some reviews.

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

Great haul! That lippie is super pretty ♥

Glamour Diaries said...

Stefanie, thanks! :) Im glad you liked it. I should be doing a quick review on that new lipstick, xo

Beautygirl24 said...

Thank you for the comment on my september favorites ;) Your blog is great as well! Especially the swatches!