Monday, August 31, 2009

August Favorites

Benefit Talk to The Tan
When I first seen this I popped the lid, squeezed a bit of the product out onto the back of my hand, and then became a bit startled. The color is a medium brown and you're suppose to slather this all over your face. Well, I decided to take a chance and try it out. Needless to say, I love it. I'm not sure about you, but my face is a lot lighter than the rest of my body. I do not tan in tanning beds (anymore) and I've relied on the natural sun to achieve a sun-kissed glow. I'm not super dark, at all. But my face does not keep a tan. And I know why; it's because of all the facial cleansing I do, day and night. That's okay though, I've found Benefit Talk to The Tan! I just apply a small dollop all over my face and down my neck. And if I want it darker, I apply a second coat. I wear this over moisturizer. It's a nice, light gel-like substance, it doesn't feel like you've added another layer to your face. If I'm wearing foundation that day, it goes like this: moisturize, slather on talk to the tan after the moisturizer dries, mix the tan stuff into my foundation of choice and rub that all over, using just my hands. And voila! This is not a self-tanner! This will wash off next time you cleanse.

Smashbox High Definition Healthy Fx Foundation
This product claims it is "an oil-free, weightless formula packed with anti-aging, revitalizing, and firming ingredients that work overtime to provide cellular nutrition for skin." Doesn't that sound delicious? It also as an SPF 15 and some vitamin C. What I personally love about this foundation is that it is a light weight formula and super easy to blend. It's more of a light to medium coverage, which is what I like. However, it's definitely buildable for more coverage. As of recently, I purchased MAC's Studio Fix Fluid in NW30, which I'm trying out here and there. But compared to this Smashbox, it's very difficult to blend. But I guess that's what you get for a full coverage foundation? I predict that this Smashbox foundation will continue to be my go-to foundation, and I'll wear the studio fix fluid on special occasions in which I desire that extra coverage.

Vichy Ultra Protection Sunblock Stick SPF 60
Summer's pretty much over, but if you still spend a lot of time outdoors throughout the year, this is a great investment! If I'm spending a day in the sun - at the beach or on the boat, wherever - I ensure that I do not leave the house without this. If I do, I'm not a happy camper. Where do I use this? Around the eye  area and on my lips. These are my most sensitive areas. I'm trying to take extra special care of my skin now so my future will thank me. You could also use this on your nose and ears.

Realness Of Concealness 

I think this is a great little trial kit, especially if you are new to the Benefit line. I especially love the boi-ing concealer in #2, which luckily is my number (the skin-toned block on the bottom right of the palette). Benefit only carries three shades when it comes to concealers, which some people love and others not so much. I find the stuff works pretty great for me, so no complaints here. All you need is to tap a little bit on the under eye circles with your ring finger, and build on with more product if need be.
The lemon aid (the yellow block above the concealer on right side of palette) is a nice wake-up call for your eyelids. I generally wear this if I'm not wearing much makeup that day, but it's fine alone or works well as a primer for eyeshadow. It takes away redness and makes you look well rested and fresh.
Ooh la la I have to try a bit more. It receives enough raves, but I only tried it maybe once or twice, and didn't see much of a change.
The lip plumper I like to use as a lip primer/base for my lip stick. Honestly, I don't notice any change in the size of my lips. I may or may not purchase the full size when I'm done, as I can use other products instead, like foundation. But we'll see.
And the high beam is a wonderful highlighter! Love it! I will more than likely purchase the full size when I run out. It is not a sparkly highlight at all. It's a nice creamy sheen. I place this on top of my foundation, on my cheek bones, up to the temples, then apply a bit of setting powder in the t-zone and eye area. It's a nice dewy, glow.
I enjoyed this palette and I would certainly recommend it for those who are looking to try the essentials from Benefit.

Physician's Formula bronzer
As you can see, I hit pan with this bronzer. I've been using this bronzer all summer long. Now, when I run out, I'll have to find a different bronzer. I was looking in the stores and online, but it looks like the brand does not make this specific bronzer anymore. Which is fine with me. I was using this just because I had it lying around, I realized I kind of liked it after a couple uses, and then became heavily reliant on it throughout the summer months. I'll just have to try out some new bronzers is all! This one was just a two-toned mosaic talc-free bronzer.


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