Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Favorites

Hey Everyone!

Here they are, my September Faves! Enjoy! 

Almay One Coat Nourishing Triple Effect Mascara

I had used this mascara in the past, a few years ago, and re-purchased again recently. I've been trying out some other drugstore brands, including a variety of rubber bristles. I decided to go back to my favorite trusty drugstore mascara because it simply does what it says. It works best in both volumizing and lengthening. And it's nourishing (apparently) so that's always good - not that I can really tell a difference in regards to that. And the brush itself is a bit different. The magic's in the brush for sure. One side of the brush is for volume while the other is for separating and lengthening. And it's not very clumpy at all, like the Maybelline Oscillating mascara I find to be a bit too clumpy.

Benefit's Box Blush in CORALista

This was a relatively recent purchase, about a month or so ago, and I have been using almost all month. I had wanted this for a while and finally indulged myself. I use a couple different brushes  to apply this blush (including the one that it came with) depending on how much pigmentation I want. I appreciate that this blush is not glittery like some other boxed blushes can be, but it's rather a fine shimmer, providing a sheen to the cheeks. It's a very pretty and unique color.  And it smells great! Oddly enough.

Bed Head TIGI Blush in Glowing

I've had this blush kicking around for a while - I must have purchased it around spring 09. It's a medium brown matte shade. Iit is a blush, not like a bronzer. It simply adds some life and color to my face, especially if I'm just doing quick makeup or I want to be minimal. It simulates a natural glow without the pinks and the shimmer.

Borghese Nail Laquer in Bambina Pink

What I love most about this polish is that it dries so quickly! I've used up about half the bottle now. I'll have to purchase a back-up soon. The color is a sheer pink and it's very natural looking which is great for everyday, it will go with whatever I'm wearing and whatnot. I also use this when I give myself a French manicure.

MAC's Paint Pot in Constructivist

I just recently got this. And I'm loving it! I think it's a great base for brown e/s looks or I have worn it just by itself too.

Cuticle Clippers

Is this weird that this is in my faves? Hah, whatever! I have been all about my nails lately. And I mean just taking care of them, grooming them, trying to make them look effortlessly gorgeous. I find that I have naturally disgusting nails if I don't manage them. Therefore, I do file them often to keep the desired length and shape. I use a nail & cuticle oil (by Sally Hansen) and massage that in.  Then, I push back my cuticles and snip 'em off! It looks so much cleaner this way! I'm actually addicting to cutting off my cuticles.



xLovelyMakeupx said...

trust me, i also read nothing but bad things too! but like you said its different for everyone! the thing i hate is that its waterproof i hate that! cuz its harder to take off but my lashes look great!

Lipstick Rules said...

I love Coralista!

just found your blog! I'm from Canada too.