Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nude Lippies! MAC Close to Real, Gosh Darling, MAC Hue

The Nudes:

MAC Close To Real - Light, neutral peach pink (Lustre)

GOSH Darling - Darling (velvet touch)

MAC's Hue - Soft pale pink (Glaze)

In regards to these three nude shades, here are my favorites (in order): Hue, Darling, Close to Real.

Here's my take:

I understand GOSH cosmetics is not readily available, especially in the states. Luckily for me, I can snag one at any time! And therefore I do not feel the need to purchase back-ups of this limited edition Close to Real because it is very similar to Darling. BUT, if you live in the states or somewhere where GOSH is not so available, stock up on this limited edition lipstick with MAC! Especially if you're a fan of the nude colored lips.

Close to Real is a lustre finish and the only other MAC lustre lipstick I own is Made With Love which came out in the Color Craft collection. And I love that shade, it's a nice bright coral pink, gorgeous for summer. It feels perfect and it looks great on the lips. Unfortunately, I cannot entirely say the same for this lustre, Close To Real. It's a great shade and all, being a nice nude color. However, I'm a bit dissatisfied with the formula! When I first received it, I put it on right away, and thought it was disgusting as it showed all my lip imperfections. I kept using it, hoping that it would look any better. Do not use this if your lips are at all chapped or dry! It does help a bit if I exfoliate and condition my lips (I'll make a separate Quick Tip post as to how I do this).

However, I do like the formulation of Darling much better. It's creamier and just as pigmented. FYI, it even contains an SPF 6! And it's simply cheaper than MAC's lipstick (in my area anyway).

I also included MAC's Hue lipstick in the photo, just to give you a better idea of the shades and its ranges. I think a few other ladies compared this to Myth, which I don't currently own myself. Hue is definitely more pink than the other two fleshy tones.

My verdict? Personally, I am going to stick with GOSH Darling as oppose to MAC Close to Real. And I am also going to continue loving and using Hue most the time.

[L-R, both photos] Close to Real, Darling, Hue



Cutiegingerbread said...

I also prefer darling...but we dont have that in the us boo haha i thought it would be my back up (and ibought two haha)

i find all mac lipsticks to be drying, wat can ya do =]

Kerry said...

I love Gosh Darling its one of my all time favs :)

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i love hue! its very pretty! come by sometime and say hi!

got a new follower