Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Tip: De-puffing those AM under eye bags

I'm going to share with you a quick trick that I use just about every morning.

There are a ton of products on the market to help with de-puffing those under eye bags that you would normally get in the morning, after waking up. I believe Garnier has an anti-puff eye roller with caffeine in it and Benefit has something called Ooh La La, which targets the same problem. I have tried the sample size of Benefit's Ooh La La in my Realness of Concealness kit and my verdict? Save your coin on these lotions and potions.

Instead, try these tricks, which are free! These things can be found right now in your kitchen!

First, ice cubes! So easy and cheap! What I do in the morning is take one from the tray and just rub my [clean] hands around it to take of the frost. Important: you want to rub the ice cube in your hands for a few seconds to get that frost off, otherwise it will stick to your eye area! Ouch! I think we've all learned from the best, ie Dumb and Dumber anyone? Then just rub it under your eyes and over your lids, and voila! After my eye area, I like to just rub the cube all over my face for a refreshing wake-me-up.

Second option: try putting spoons in the freezer, take them out when the silverware has gotten a chance to chill, and place the everted side onto the eye area. You can either put it over the entire area or just over the under eye bags. Again, you'll want to warm them up just for just 10 seconds, with your hands, to get that frost off before making contact with the skin around the eyes. I usually just put the spoons in the freezer when I wake up, have my shower, have breakfast, do whatever you do before your hair and make up, and then take the spoons out. You could keep spoons in the freezer at all times if you'd prefer.

And that, my friends, is all for now! Until next time...


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