Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Favorites of Oh Nine

These are a few things that I loved and used throughout the past year. You might notice that I'm particular to just a few brands. However, I have been branching out lately in trying new things, new brands. Below I simply linked all of the items to websites when you can either purchase (depending on your region) or find out more information. I didn't really feel like putting up a picture for each thing, hehe, sorry!


I've finally gave this a shot a few months ago. I tried it a couple times and hated it right away. But after a bit more practice I fell in love. It's amazing formula that, once you've become familiar with it, is so easy to work with. And it's easy to wing out and be creative. I've used it before applying fake lashes and the gel formula hides any gaps I might have missed when applying the falsies.

Eye Shadows & Primers

This stuff is holy grail for eye shadow bases! Highly recommended. The only thing I hate about this is it's stupid packaging. If you didn't already know, a ton of product gets left over in the in the base and the belly of the tube. But I haven't tried it yet with the new curved-tip wand, so maybe it's better.

I really enjoy a lot of MAC's eyeshadow colors and its different formulas such as Satin Taupe, Bronze, Sumptious Olive, Hush, Naked Lunch, Nehru, and many others!

These are great on their own and most of them work great as bases. Some days I just use painterly instead of my UDPP.  Some of my favorites are Painterly, Bare Study, and Constructivist.


I haven't actually used it in a couple months because I'm always looking to try new things. But I discovered it in '09 and I remembered I quite liked it, lol. It's also my sister's favorite.

I love this mascara for length! It really does lengthen very well. And the formula goes on super nicely. I know there are split reviews on this one, some hate, some love it. I happen to lahve it!


I have this one in #2. It only comes in #1 or #2. It does a great job for covering up under eye circles. I find it is pretty comparable to Maybelline's Mineral Power concealer (which might be more available to some people and less expensive). I discovered it in mid of '09 and haven't gone back to the Power Mineral. This concealer also does not cake! Whoo hoo!

I have been using and liking this for covering up scars and other dark areas on my face, like around my mouth and nose. It has a built in primer, "water-resistant", opaque formula, and a tiny bit for a long way. I would not use this under my eyes! I have and it just wasn't pretty at the end of the day.

Blush & Highlight & Bronze

I bought this blush from a store exclusive to licensed estheticians. You can probably find it at salons and other shops that sell Bed Head. I especially like this shade during the winter when I'm pale because it shows up well, just like a natural, healthy flush. If I'm tanned it will just blend right into my skin and not show up. I enjoy it because it's not your typical pinky or mauve color; it's a tan, somewhat peachy, brown shade (not a bronzer!)

Well, I got this baby in a clearout sale. I don't know what I was thinking. Now I love it and I'll be sad when I've used it all up. I can't even find where to buy it online. I better start looking for a dupe I guess.

Lovely highlighter for the cheek bones. And this product is very versatile so you can't go wrong with it! You can mix it with your foundation for a dewy look, mix a tiny bit with concealer for a brightening effect, and use it to highlight the brow bone. I put it on over moisturizer/primer, but underneath foundation (sometimes I'll still put it overtop of foundation before setting). It leaves a nice shimmery sheen without being sparkly or glittery so it's wearable everyday. It'll make you look young and fresh! No lie.

This MSF came out in MAC's Color Crafted collection, I believe. It's a really nice highlight color in the summertime, when I have a tan.

Physician's Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Face Powder
I liked this bronzer. I didn't try a whole of bronzers, this one did what I wanted so I stuck with it. I have to use something in the summer and into the fall because I wash my face often so it's much paler than the rest of my body, I want it to match. It's also probably due to some SPFs in foundations and moisturizers I use.

Lipstick & Lipgloss

MAC Lipstick in Hue
JLO nude lip? Check! This is my go-to lip shade. It's not to pink, not to beige, a perfect nude pour moi!

MAC Lipglass
I love the formula with these lipglasses and I know some would beg to differ as it's fairly sticky. But it's all a preference in the end. A few of my all time favorite shades would be Underage, C-Thru, and Viva Glam VI.

If you don't like sticky lipglosses, steer clear from this one! I personally don't mind the stickiness, I find they last longer anyway. This is a very glossy, vinyl-like, finish. The colors look really cool in the tube, especially color 106, my fave.



itsybitsyknitsy said...

Thanks so much for this list! I have been looking into getting some paint pots - do they work as a base in the same way that UDPP works?
I just found a HUGE GOSH counter in our local Shopper - so excited to try some out!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Im a Lash Stilhetto lover too :) I stole it from my sister, and have no plasns in giving it back lol its amazing!!
You mentioned some really great items in this list, you should do these omre often!

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I really like your colour effects :)
I did a YouTube video for this

Lucy (: said...

I absolutely adore High Beam by Benefit! :) In the majority of cases, I mix it in with my foundation, and since doing so have had many a compliment on my fresh looking complexion - definitely great when you've struggled with sleep! Haha :) I think I'm going to have to try MAC's Hue Lipstick, it's definitely being getting some good reviews. :) As per, a great blog post, hope this year's great for you :)
From, Lucy @ xx

Nicole said...

such a great list of favs !! hue was in my fav of o9 post as well :)

i got a gift of sample size benefit products and high beam was in there. omg im in love with it

Jaeve + Things said...

fantastic list! i shall def be checking some of these out!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
wonderful inspiration, great
refreshing and cool blog as always, keep it up
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments


Kristin said...

I'm a great lash kinda girl. Gonna have to try the stiletto!

JMay said...

These are all great. Good picks, which reminds me I should stock up for the year.

Love the blog, now following :-)

Natural_herbal said...

I found this blog post very interesting. keep it up..