Tuesday, December 15, 2009

LUSH Holiday Bath Bomb Review: Cinders

The scent of spice, orange, and cinnamon is really nice, especially as it lingers on afterwards. This is the sole reason as to why I bought and enjoyed Cinders. This bath bomb is equal to the warmth of a crackling fire on a dull and dreary evening. I took my bath using Cinders during the late afternoon while strong winds ran gustily against my window at 63/km an hour outside. I was thankful to be inside and in a hot, comforting bath!

Lush describes it as: "The warming, sweet cinnamon and orange fragrance was inspired by a comforting yuletide drink in Sweden and is utterly irresistible on a chilly evening. Cinders is the color of a glowing ember and crackles like wood on the fire (just like the fire that Cinderella slept beside in the fairytale)."

I had used Cinders at two different times and had slightly varying experiences in regards to the pop rocks. The bomb with the most pop rocks showing (see picture below) did not give off a crackling sound that I could hear. However, the one with the least did. But I wasn't in the tub for the first one, only the second. Maybe that would make a difference. I thought it was the water dripping when I heard it. But nope. It was the pop rocks! So if you'd like to enjoy that, I would recommend to actually be in the tub to listen (and not be taking pictures). It also fizzes quite a bit.

(these pictures were taken with a flash so the color of the water appears a little bit brighter than IRL)

Unfortunately, it leaves some residue. I'm not quite sure what that stuff is; it was like floaty and soft. I thought it may have been undissolved rocks, but it wasn't hard. I'm not sure! I wasn't too worried about it though.

There are a few downfalls I should mention. One, it made my skin feel sticky. It may have just been me, all in my head. Maybe I was paranoid about bathing in candy. I'm not sure. Let me know if you've had a similar experience. Two, it left a yellow ring around the tub while bathing. It wasn't the most appealing thing but it's easy to wipe down afterwards. And three, I had on a sheer pink nail polish. Towards the end of my bath I noticed that my nails were developing a yellow tinge to them. I probably wouldn't use this if you've just got an expensive manicure, just in case.

The water was a transparent amber color. There are no bubbles, as it's a bath ballistic. The best thing about this is it's scent! Which is exactly why I got it. If you're after a Christmass-y, winter theme bath, then definitely check this out. I hadn't noticed any significant benefits to my skin afterwards (just the stickiness). Although Cinders does contain sodium bicarbonate which, I believe, is to promote circulation and skin softening.

Now, no two things are alike. Not with these babies anyway. One I ordered online and  the other came from a store. They are slightly different colors with a difference in its texturized look, and varying in the amounts of pop rocks.

I purchased these two only and probably will not re-purcahse again. It is a nice treat for the a cold winter day and I loved the scent. But it's not something I would not use often. I'd rather use bath bombs containing moisturizing agents and whatnot than nothing at all.



Nicole said...

what a shame, the scent sonds lovely! but i wouldn't want an amber tinge everywhere either :(

thanks for the review :)

Danielle said...

There is nothing like a hot bath on a cold winters day. Thanks for the review!


itsybitsyknitsy said...

I tried these, and also had a yellow tinge to my nails and a ring in the bathtub.

Marce said...

That sucks...but it sounds great anyway, I suppose I'd give it a go at least once! Thanks for the great review =)

Glamour Diaries said...

@Nicole & Danielle - My pleasure ladies :)

@itsybitsyknitsy - Aah, so it's not just me! Good to know, thank you!

@Marce - For sure, try it out for yourself - before they're sold out!

J-ezzy said...

Errr, I don't want a yellow tub or nails "/

Thanks for the great review! :)

Merry Christmas!