Thursday, December 3, 2009

LUSH Holiday Bath Bomb Review: So White

I personally don't think this is one of lush's finest.

It smelled of a delicious green apple scent in the store. But in the tub? Not so much. The fresh scent did not deliver very well when completely dissolved in the water. It was quite faint; it didn't lingered very long, unless my nose just got use to its subtle fragrance. That was just a little disappointing but it wasn't what totally made this one a downer.

So White bath bomb has a bit of bubble bar built in. As the bath bomb sizzles in the water it also creates a few tiny bubbles. So it does make for a sight-fully pleasing  drop-of-the-ball. But that's it. After a few minutes of being in the tub, all this dissolves and completely fades away into nothing. So White is also the smaller sized bath bombs that Lush makes. But I'm sure size has nothing to do with the results, it's more so the formulation, I think.

Anyway, it's as if I never even added anything into the tub. A regular 'ol bath. The water ended up clear with no bubbles and the scent was weak. It was not exceptional in any way. In fact, quite boring. If you want to see what I mean, help yourself to it. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Lush has a lot of other nice Holiday choices to choose from. I really can't wait to use Cinders because I love its scent.


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