Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LUSH Holiday Bath Melt Review: Star Melt

This is a delicious bath item that would make a sweet treat for yourself or as a gift, especially for a girly girl (think stocking stuffer perhaps). If you enjoy the vanilla and candy fragrance of Snow Fairy shower gel, you will love this.

This product's moisturizing ingredients include starflower oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. It is also made with some icing sugar which helps create a silky texture in the water. And if it weren't already so delectable, the icing sugar sure does amp up the sweetness factor.

As this began to melt away in the water I had picked it up and it felt like a glob of soft icing mixture. There were no sparkles in mine but it did leave my skin gleaming while in the tub. I found it certainly moisturizing but, in my experience, it didn't quite have the lasting effects of the Mr Butterball bath bomb, which left my skin feeling more soft and supple after the bath. Also, the Star Melt turned my water into a nice foggy baby pink color.

After the bath I took a shower to rinse off the icing sugar (I personally didn't like the idea of icing sugar sinking into my skin). And of course, it pairs perfectly with the snow fairy shower gel!

You could probably get away with cutting it in half if you wanted a little more for your money. But I would prefer to use the whole thing at once. It wouldn't be as strong of a scent and you'd only get half of the oils and its moisturizing goodness.

I would re-purchase this Star Melt bath melt time and again if not only just for the scent! The sweet scent, the pink shimmering water, its moisturizing aspects definitely make for a luscious bath. If you are one for sweet scents I would highly recommend you give this one a try.

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I love Lush, especially the bath bombs. Thanks for such a detailed review!

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Ohh I love Lush! I love this reviews! The bath look so inviting, lol :)

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its so pretty! i need some! i always have showers after baths anyways, its just weird sitting in you own dirt for too long lol great blog x