Friday, October 30, 2009

My First LUSH Haul

My first online purchase from Lush! Unfortunately, there is no Lush store in my province and the nearest one would be 3 hours away. I was super excited to get my package in the mail; the box smelled scrumptious!

There was a promo online to receive a free bubble bar ($8-9 value) with your purchase. I choose The Comfort. It was huge and I was so excited to try it out! And I did just that. That's why you'll see that this is the only one not pictured in the haul photos because I had used it right away that evening.

I've only tried the one bubble bar so far - which I'll be posting a review on very shortly - and so far I'm quite satisfied. Even with the scents of these products alone  make me happy. My favorite scented items that I received include cinders, lush lil pud, jacko (which smells like candy and autumn spices). And Mr. Butterball smells great, too (vanilla & musk). I think Mr Butterball is going to be a good one in the tub, I read a lot of good reviews on it.

Here's all of what I got this round:

Bubble Bars
Flosty Gritter
The Comfort (freebie)

Bath Bombs
Lil' LUSH Pud
Satsumo Santa
Christmas Party
Jingle Spells
Jacko Ballistic
Mr. Butterball

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
Jungle Solid Conditioner (free sample)
Honey Waffle Soap (free sample)

The Satsumo Santa

Lil Lush Pud, Cinders

Flosty Gritter, Holiday

Jacko Ballistic

I think the next thing I'll try is the Jacko Bath Bomb on Halloween day (tomorrow)! So deliciously appropriate.

Free bubble bar promo ends Nov 2nd '09 Promo code: BBSFREE



Bits Of Fluff said...

hi, what a lovely parcel you got! snow fairy is my favourite lush range. i am hoping to get a lush gift box at xmas, i love all the pink stuff they have :)

Glamour Diaries said...

@Bits Of Fluff - Thank you. I tried Snow Fairy last night and I am in love <3 I hope you get all kinds of pink goodness from Lush this year! :)