Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Beautiful Nail Color for Fall & Winter: Manicurist of Seville, A Review

A quick, quick post/review featuring my nail color.

OPI's Manicurist of Seville from the Espana collection

I love this color so much! It is a deep purpley red.

I got this a while ago (a couple months) and this is the first time that I'm wearing it. I painted two thin layers and, true to form of OPI, the pigmentation was fantastic! As well as the fast drying aspect of this laquer, as I am not one to wait for my polish to dry. And with any polish, just be sure to use thin layers, otherwise, it will never dry. Go over it if you need to 2-3 times. However, with this color, you only need one coat, but I used two to be sure it was opaque.

I sealed the color with a top coat from L'Oreal. I've only been wearing this for 2 days, but so far, no chips. I don't realize how rough I am on my nails until I paint them. I tend to use them as tools sometimes and which is not good. But when I paint them, I'm more attentive to what I'm doing so that I don't ruin or chip them.

My Verdict? I would give this a 5/5. The color is beautiful, a unique twist on your classic red. It dries fast. And the pigmentation is outstanding.

Here are a few snapshots I took using my built in Macbook webcam. So I do apologize about the lack of quality. And it is a little bit darker in person; the 2nd photo is more true to the real deal.


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