Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Tragical Incident You Can Avoid (Graphic content!)

I'm so upset. Why me?

This is about a mishap with my Creme Cup lipstick. This has happened before with one of my other Mac lipsticks (the beloved Hue). And of course, other things like dropping one of my favorite blushes and it's all broken into pieces. Grr. It happens to the best of us, right?

Creme Cup is one of my favorite colors. I just don't wear it as often now because it's difficult to apply (you'll see). It's a muted baby pink color, by the way. Natural looking; not "in-your-face" baby pink lips. I wore it on Halloween night.

Two pieces of advice I can give so that you can avoid this from happening to you:

1) Do Not store your prized lipstick in your bra while out at the clubs. I don't know about you, but I find it such a pain if I bring a clutch out with me. It makes dancing a little awkward if I have to hold onto a purse. Anyway, my lipstick was warm from the heat I was generating while it was stashed in my bra. And whenI applied it, it smooshed and bent.

2) Do Not twist the lipstick all the way up to put it on. Especially if you're in the sort of state in which you're unable to judge how much strength to utilize as you apply the lipstick. If you know what I mean.

Next time I think I'll just stick to lipgloss if I go out. Not as fragile.

The pictures below are quite frightening, so be warned! This incident happened on a night out with the girls (possibly a tad bit inebriated). I also swatched the color for you.

It's such a mess. But itsn't it a pretty color!? It completely broke at the base but I tried to salvage it as best as possible. There's still a lot left, too, as it happened shortly after I bought it. Oh well, you live you learn!



Lipstick Rules said...

oh dear! great tips :-)

Pyxiee said...

This is my fave lipstick too. You melt it down into a little pot? xx

Beautygirl24 said...

awww thats too bad! I hate it when something you love gets ruined. But I'm sure its still useable. It looks like a very pretty color. Baby pink lips are my weakness ;)

Sugar said...

very cute blog :)

Andee Layne said...

love this one! so flattering on everyone! great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog . Follow mine as I will yours xo

Glamour Diaries said...

thanks for all the comments ladies :)

@Pyxiee - a clever idea! you're so smart :)


Anonymous said...

omg that sucks, cremecup is my absolute favorite mac lipstick, i would die!!!

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Don't worry, your right, it happens to all of us.

I remember my first MAC eyeshadow (Swish) i dropped the second day and it shattered into pieces. I cried (sad child right) and then googled how to fix it and it said just push it back in. it worked but then everytime after you used it, it would just start shattering again.

I know that juicytar07 of youtube said that her Creme Cup melted in her car so maybe it is just something to do with the mixture of the particular colour.

You could ask her tips on how she uses hers still?

Lorien BeautyLove said...

omfg i really love this colour!! too abd that happened though :( melt it down into a pot! good as new! :) x

J-ezzy said...

I melted mines into a pot (check out my blog post on it) :)

Breaking blush is so painful!!!!

Tina♥ said...

That shade is beautiful and looks really great with your skin tone. Perfect choice for a nude pink shade.

Kate Gene said...

OMG! I'm so sad that your lippie got into an accident. I totally LOL'd when I read that there were "graphic photographs" in this post. Ha ha ha!

It's a gorgeous lipstick, even if it is a little beat up. ;)


liz said...

lol although it sucks it does look funny.

anyways no worries, i know this blog post was so long ago but i berly found it so yea, you can simply find a tiny little jar and smoosh it all up and apply it as a sort of lip tint with a lip defining brush or a any small one its the perfect thing. :D