Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Review: LUSH Comforter Bubble Bar

First off I want to say I wish there was a Lush store in my area! The nearest one is 3 hours away and I don't go up that way very often. I think I would love to walk around the store, smelling everything and buying everything. So just for your reference I make my Lush purchases online.

This was my first ever Lush experience and I'm pleased to announce it was a good one! I had placed an order online and the day I received my goodies in the mail I tried out The Comforter Bubble Bar right away. This one was free because of a promo Lush was having with their online store. It's value is around $8 for this generous size that I got. This is one of their best sellers and I can see why.

The Comforter bubble bar produces a good amount of bubbles. I won't say it's over-flowing with bubbles or anything but its a good hefty amount. However, what I did notice was the bubbles lasted a super long time. I was in the tub for quite a while (45 minutes, maybe an hour, refilling with hot water) and there were still bubbles by the time I was draining out all the water. Usually with the supermarket bubble bath I'll pour in a ton of it to make mountains of bubbles but then they're long gone at the end of a bath.

I loved that the water turned to a bright, opaque pink. Very pretty and girly. I used the entire bubble bar but I could probably get away with only using half of it by cutting it with a good kitchen knife. I thought that the bubbles, aroma, and the color were more than enough when I was running it under the tap and the whole thing wasn't even gone yet.

Although the smell was delightful, I found it was just a bit strong at the beginning of the bath. Perhaps that's just me. The website describes it as "cypress and bergamot oils soothe skin while cassis adds a mysterious and seductive aroma". And while it is a berry and cream aroma there was a hint of spice which, after the bath, lingers on the skin which was also soft to the touch. It was nice to slather on some moisturizer - which I always do after a bath - on my body after using this bubble bar.

I'd also like to note that there was no left over residue in the tub. However, mine was a bit slippery afterwards, so just be careful.

Will I repurchase this? I would love to repurchase The Comforter again. But first, I'm going to continue to try some different ones in the near future. What I'll do to get more out of my money is cut the  bar in half. It is one of the more expensive ones and you really don't need the whole thing for one bath.

If you were like me and have not yet tried The Comforter or if you're looking to make your first purchase with Lush I would certainly recommend this one. I think it's a safe bet.



Beautygirl24 said...

hey monica, love the pink water =) And I will do swatches of sexpot pigments next week, I promise! But if you can't wait, go to She just posted swatches of all the pigment sets from MAC today. She didn't love the set I got, but I have to disagree with her!

Angela said...

ive heard a lot about lush bubble bar before. It looks so nice with all the bubbles in the bathtub. I definitely have to give it a try.

And Im a new follower and love your blog.

Cheryl♥ said...

Oooo! I would love a bath in pink water!

Pyxiee said...

Your bath looks lovely! I have also just made my first lush purchase. I can't wait to review them. I looked at this one but my basket was pretty full already so I might get it next time!! =) xx