Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween '09: David Copperfield & Kitty Ears

I had a pretty good Halloween this year. However, my sister and I have agreed that no matter what we are doing on Halloween of 2010, whether we are going to a house party, downtown, or to a show, we are dressing up! No matter what!

A bunch of our friends got together to see a David Copperfield show. It was amazing!!! He is a very talented illusionist and super hilarious! I was amazed by the acts. I am very satisfied with his excellent and memorable performance. If David Copperfield is putting on a show in your area I highly recommend you check it out, it is worth the money.

After the show we went to a couple places downtown. First we went to a more low key pub where Snow White was our server and we met some interesting characters including the Hulk, Scary Mask Dude, and also spotted a Witch and a Lady Bug.  Then we went to a more up beat bar/pub with 80s music and dancing. There we met some Chip n Dale dancers and a couple Zombies!

There were so many amazing costumes all over the place, even at the Copperfield show people were decked out. I'm already thinking and planning what I am going to be next year for Halloween.

Also, my sister had picked up some kitten ears for the both of us. So at least we had a little something going on. I took only a few pictures of the night because my camera sucks and I hate using it. I'm considering in getting a new camera very soon.

This is the outfit I wore along with the kitty ears. The shirt is from RW&Co.

A silly shot

My sister and I

Scary Mask Dude

The Hulk

Snow White

Witch and Lady Bug

Inside the 2nd pub we went to

Chip n Dale Dancers

Zombie girl!

Zombies outside our window

And that's about it for now! I hope you all had a fun, enjoyable Halloween. Right now I'm checking out pictures all over the net of everyone's costumes (blogs and Facebook). People are so fun and creative :)



Anna said...

Oh I love your kitty ears, you look so sweet! Wasn't the Jacko bath bomb great?? I still have one left to use! xx
PS: don't you have a followers "button"? I'd like to follow your blog! But I'll come back anyway!

Glamour Diaries said...

Hi Anna, thanks for the kind comment! :) And I am loving Lush! I can't wait to use the Mr. Butterball, too.

I'll enable the follow button and also, if you look at the options in the top menu bar on the blog, you'll notice a 'follow' option there too. I had learned that the hard way myself because not everyone has their followers listed. I was frustrated that I couldn't add them to my list and then I seen that. Just a lil hint for your future blog reading :)

Thanks for wanting to follow ;]

Cheryl♥ said...

Great pics! You make such a hot kittie! I've always wanted to be one for Halloween...maybe next year.

I'm following :D

Glamour Diaries said...

@Cheryl - Thanks girl! You'd make such a sexy kitten!